Knife Sharpening

A large range of knives are sharpened and sold at our factory.A range of knife blocks is available with or without knives. We sell most tools for the butchering industry.
Mincer plates and mincer cutters are also sharpened or sold as well as replacement blades for mincers. A range of knife steels and diamond steels are carried.

New Knives, Blades, Plates and Cutters

We sell most tools for the butchering industry - knives, knife blocks (with or without knives), steels, mincer plates, blades and cutters, bandsaw blades.
We can manufacture bandsaw blades to whatever length required in the tooth size required.
Available knife brands include
  • Dexter Russell
  • Excalibur
  • F Dick
  • Furi
  • Global
  • Green River
  • Kamati
  • Leatherman
  • Muela
  • Mundial
  • Old Timer
  • Scanpan
  • Swiss Army Tool
  • Victrinox

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