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Sharpening and Repairs

Prosharp specialises in the sharpening and repair of instruments for the podiatry industry to “as new” condition with often better operation than when new.

Our sharpening service improves the cutting edges to a very high standard.



Prosharp have developed an economical method for the sharpening of blacks files. Most files can be sharpened successfully 3 or 4 times. We can sharpen most styles and sizes of blacks files.



Tea staining from autoclaving can make instruments look unprofessional. Buffing and sandblasting can renew the new look to instruments and the cost is extremely economical.



The remanufacturing of broken or unusable nail clippers is also part of the service offered. This can include


Tightening hinges

Loosening hinges

Welding of cracked hinges or breaks

Screw replacement or repair

Cutting edge realignment

All types of spring repairs including replacement


Rear catch replacement

Rear catch spring replacement

Tea stain removal

Basically, if you can keep all of the parts and send them with the clippers, we can quite often remanufacture them saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


Customer Comments:


K Kirkwood

I have recently started using Prosharp sharpening services and am very happy with the results.It means that I can increase the life of my nail clippers and save money in the long term.

I would gladly recommend Prosharp to other Podiatrists.

Leonard G Gentin & Associates

On numerous occasions we have had our instruments sharpened with Prosharp.We have been very happy with the service and workmanship.

S Royal, Podiatrist

In my dealings with Prosharp I have found them to be prompt and professional.My equipment comes back like new,saving me on the purchase of new equipment.

P Raferty

We have used your service on different occasions and are very happy with the results.

S Blythe

It is a great service and I was amazed at the quality of the repairs on the broken clippers I sent you that I have been saving for years


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