Dental & Orthodontic

Dental & Orthodontic Sharpening and Repairs

We currently have two fully trained technicians in our company who can take care of all Dental & Orthodontic sharpening and repairs.

All instruments are returned in a “like new” condition in looks and performance and quite often are better than new.

Instrument Sharpening and Re-tipping

Our service/sharpening laboratory is set up with many different types of machines for all types of sharpening operations.

Scalers, explorers, excavators etc as well as being sharpened can also be re-tipped using the original handles. We carry a large range of replacement tips and handles.

Saving of 25% to 60% on replacement costs are not unrealistic.

Orthodontic Wire Cutter & Needle Holder Re-tipping

Specially developed high-quality tungsten inserts are used to re-tip wire cutters and needle holders.

Most other instruments with carbide inserts are also repairable bringing them back to a fully functional condition.

Orthodontic Wire Cutter Sharpening

Wire cutters with carbide jaws can be sharpened in our laboratory and are checked for correct operation before leaving our sharpening laboratory.

Side Cutting, Distal Wire Cutters as well as all other types can be sharpened successfully.

Come in and meet our staff or Contact Us to discuss your needs.

All instruments must be sterilised prior to dispatch to us and when instruments are returned.