Types of Clipper Blades

Clipper Blades

Clipper blades have two main parts. The bottom blade, know as the comb. This feeds the hair into the top know as the cutting blade.

Types of Clipper Blades

Surgical Blades:

Used by veterinarians to prep an area for surgery by removing hair down to the skin.


The cutting surface is wider than regular blades allows for a larger cutting area.

Full Cut/ Full Tooth Blades:

The teeth on this blade are even, creating a smoother finish.

Skip Tooth Blades:

Perfect for blending short areas with longer lengths.

SizeUsed For
50Surgical prep
40Surgical prep
30Between pads of some dogs
15Sensitive Poodle feet, pads, face on Poodles and grooming most cats
10Generally all round and Sanitary trim
10WSame as 10, but with a wider blade area. Good for full-body and large breeds
9Sporting Breed’s necks and sometimes bodies, very smooth finish.
8Head, face, neck and sometimes body on Sporting Breeds and Terriers.
7Bodywork on Sporting Breeds and Terriers, Pet Poodles, excellent for clipping matted dogs
7F/7FCFinish clipper blade for 7 Skip Tooth
5Skip Tooth, bodywork on Sporting Breeds and Terriers
5F/5FCFinish blade for 5 Skip Tooth
4Bodywork on the low-slung Terriers
4F/4FCFinish blade for 4 Skip Tooth
3Perfect for Old English Sheep Dogs
Please note different Clipper Brands may vary slightly in length. See Below guide for Each Brand.
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