Surgical Instruments

Two technicians employed by Prosharp have been trained in the field of medical/surgical sharpening. Both were trained overseas and are experienced in handling sharpening requirements as well as stainless steel welding and repairs of most instruments used in this field.

A comprehensive range of associated machinery is installed in our sharpening laboratory, most of which has been imported from companies overseas. Quick turnaround is a part of our service.

Prosharp also offers a service for misaligned or bent instruments, which can most times be returned to their original condition and operation.

Instruments with worn off or broken grasping or holding areas such as needle holders, tweezers, wire cutters etc are also catered for. Replacement of tungsten carbide inserts in needle holders or any other inserts that are needed can be replaced.

A large range of screws and springs are available at our premises and can be fitted to replace broken or worn out parts.

All care is taken during the sharpening process to return all cutting angles and cutting edges to their original (as new) angles and finishes. Properly maintained instruments last longer and are easier to use. Minimal amounts of material are removed during our processes, which also extends the life of instruments.

All instruments must be sterilised prior to dispatch to us and when instruments are returned.

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